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Octo Diving Adventure

This is a hookah diving adventure that is perfect for people who want to explore a little further than snorkeling allows

Quick Details

Standard Tour Ages 8+ • Priced per Person
PRIVATE: Standard Tour Pricing is per person

No experience needed!

Octopus Diving is a special type of dive that uses a hookah air system that does not require a air tank to be worn on the diver’s back. Instead, it uses a float to hold the tank, which is located at the surface. The air is delivered to the diver via a floating air hose and regulator. So, you can easily swim down and explore or swim at the surface without worrying about water getting in a snorkel.

One of our guides who is experienced and knowledgeable with the local reefs will help you navigate through the beautiful coral reef so you can get the most out of your Hookah diving adventure here in Rincon, Puerto Rico.