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Kayak Adventures

Snorkeling, Fishing and Sunset Tours

Quick Details

Snorkel Kayak Tour Pricing is per person
Fishing Kayak Tour Pricing is per person
Sunset Kayak Tour Pricing is per person

No Experience Needed!

-Kayak Snorkel Adventure-

We will kayak the coast of Tres Palmas Natural Reserve, and snorkel along the way to be able to explore the beautiful coral reefs here in Rincon Puerto Rico. We kayak down the coast to see the light house and back. Along the way we will stop to snorkel the Reserva Marina Tres Palmas ( Steps Beach ) outer coral reefs that are harder to access by swimming.

-Kayak Fishing Adventure-

Come kayak along a beautiful part of the west coast of Rincon PR and try to catch some fish! We do trolling and/or bottom jigging, depending on your comfort level. While kayaking we will use different methods of kayak fishing to catch reef fish and possibly larger.

-Kayak Sunset Adventure-

Come along with us and kayak along the coast of the Tres Palmas natural reserve and see the coast line from the ocean. And while kayaking we will stop to see the days amazing sunset.