dive Octopus Diving

2 - 2.5 Hours Steps Beach
Agelfish coral.


$90.00 Each
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Octopus Diving is a special type of dive that uses a hookah air system that requires no high pressure air tanks that are usually worn on the diver’s back. Instead, it uses a float to hold the tank, which is located at the surface. The air is delivered to the diver via a floating air hose and regulator. So, you can easily swim down and explore or swim at the surface without worrying about water getting in a snorkel.

One of our guides who is experienced and knowledgeable with the local reefs helps you and guides you through the reef so you can get the most out of your snorkeling/diving adventure in Puerto Rico.

Experience: No experience needed!

Age: Must be a minimum of 10 years old

What to Bring

  • Please bring swimming suits
  • Sun protection
  • Beach towel


Amazing experience

This was my first diving experience, but I can confidently say that Great Escapes PR is the BEST option for beginner scuba diving. Rob made it so easy to learn and understand with verbal explanation as well as presentation and practice. Rob was EXCELLENT!

Awesome Low-Stress Scuba from Beach

My son and I had an amazing time scuba diving with Robert off Steps Beach! Everything was so accessible and easy. Low stress. He was knowledgeable, patient, fun, and courteous. It had been a while since we had dived, so he reminded us of the important basics and kept us safe. He also made it really fun by helping us find all kinds of cool stuff on the reef. On top of all that, Robert took some great pics to help us remember our awesome dive. I would definitely dive again with Robert!


Just spent Christmas in Rincon. Scuba diving, our first, at STEPS Beach was the highlight of our trip. Robert, and his son Robert, are professional and fun, great combo. He was patient and informative. I really agree with the other glowing reviews. Due to a medical condition, I reviewed with Robert, I wasn't able to dive, but was able to snorkel and watch the rest of the family have an amazing experience. It was also great snorkeling, and I got to play in their bubbles which was surprisingly fun. We are already planning to go back next year!!

Angel fish near coral.
$90.00 Each

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